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If you need uniformed officers to handle access points or to serve as a visible deterrence, we can ensure that you have a skilled and professional officer on site for as long as they are needed. Oftentimes, we can have an off-duty peace officer work in conjunction with Commissioned Security officers to provide a greater degree of protection while limiting overall cost.


Certain areas are not patrolled as often as other area for different reasons. USD Solutions offers off duty Peace Officers to patrol an area as a means to increase law and order. This increase presence has resulted in lower crime rates within those areas. Patrol services are ideal for HOA’s, apartment complexes, and 24-hour businesses. These patrols can also be performed in unmarked vehicles if you require a low-profile solution.

Executive Security

Due to the different regulatory requirements of each state, it is often difficult to have national support from a security team you trust. That is why USD Solutions offers off-duty peace officers nationally. This ensure that our clients will receive the same outstanding support they have come to expect from our company during their travels. If you need support outside of the United States, please contact our solutions specialist to see what options are available.

Traffic Control

USD Solutions offers uniformed off duty Peace Officers to help provide additional public safety to employees or patrons traveling onto public or private roads. Traffic control services can be performed in most weather conditions and are often performed with more than one officer. These officers will wear reflective vest approved by the Department of Transportation and may use a light stick, whistle, or other traffic directing devices. Please note that traffic control services are more hazardous than other services due to motorist and weather conditions. 

Workplace Support

Certain events can occur in a workplace that would require additional care and support. If you need immediate support or you foresee a need arising, we can provide you with off duty Peace Officers for additional protection.These off-duty peace officers can operate in uniform or in plainclothes if you're in need of a low-profile solution. USD Solutions' off-duty peace officers are flexible and ready to assist with whatever your organization's needs may be.

Special Events

USD Solutions offers off duty Peace Officers in full duty uniform or plainclothes, depending on your desired level of visibility at your event. These officers ensure that the event has all the resources and support it may need in case a hostile or life-threatening situation takes place. USD Solutions also recommends using commissioned or non-commissioned security officers in additional to off-duty peace officers to help limit overall cost without having to limit the quality of support.

We support our local law enforcement, but we do not directly represent any division of local, county, or state law enforcement