Tactical Medicine – TACMED

Causality Care - TACMED

In the event of an emergency, people know to call 911, but what if your employees could help render aid to an injured person before the ambulance arrived? Individuals who complete Causality Care - Tactical Medicine training will gain skills and knowledge necessary to mitigate loss of life if the worse occurs. Influenced by the model used by the Department of Defense called Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), this course will address how to treat life threatening injuries in environments with limited equipment, lack of medical trained personnel or prolonged waiting time due to evacuation.

Course Learning Objectives

Scene Security & Casualty Collection Point (CCP)

How to prepare yourself for the unexpected
Controlling the situation
Setting up CCP and using your resource to their fullest

Active Shooter Response Bag or “Go-Bag”

Essential gear
Additional gear
Alternative solutions
Equipment staging

Medical Triage & Patient Assessment

Classification of civilian personnel
How to properly identify
How to treat and stage each classification

Point of Injury Care

Arterial pressure points
Medical gear
Leading causes of death during attacks

Tactical Medical Equipment

Identification of key life saving medical supplies
Use of medical supplies

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