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Corinthia A.

Corinthia is a versatile detail orientated instructor with extensive experience in Intelligence operations. She was in charge of a variety of military and government collection assets including aerial photographs, radar equipment, human collection, and sensitive collection equipment in order to gather, disseminate, analyze, and brief intelligence reports. Her understanding of both domestic and international security has contributed to the safely of military and civilian personnel working and living abroad. Among her significant previous positions, Corinthia served as the Non-commissioned officer in charge of the Division Distribution, Analysis and Control (ACE) Center ensuring proper dissemination of intelligence reports to lower and higher echelon units throughout Eastern Europe. With over 10 years’ experience in Intelligence operation, Corinthia has created target packets, conducted pattern of life analysis, exploited imagery and geospatial data from satellites, conducted interviews and interrogation with human sources, and participated in counterintelligence operations. Corinthia uses her extensive experience in intelligence and security operations to engage community and educational leaders to develop safety measures to protect the public, educators, staff, and students.

Christopher A.

Christopher is an industry expert with 15 years’ experience in Intelligence operation, security procedures, and training programs in support of NSA, DIA, and DOD. Christopher has a proven ability to foster relationships and coordinate with a variety of departments including: national, community, and business leaders. Throughout his ten years of military service Christopher developed training practices, new operating procedures, and tactical intelligence reports that contributed to the success of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and the Kosovo Peace Keeping Force. He was responsible for the overseas deployment training for 1500 soldiers; in this capacity, he focused performance-oriented training in realistic, tactical, and operational environment that assessed the readiness of soldiers deploying overseas. As a business professional Christopher was responsible for maintaining federal compliance, organizing and maintained financial records, and establishing new procedures for new businesses. Embracing the core values of integrity, honor, innovation, and growth Christopher has consistently lead military and civilian individuals in a common goal. His ability to inspire confidence has significantly contributed to his success in his field.

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