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Security Officers – Executive Protection Specialist – Off Duty Police Officer positions available


We at USD Solutions pride ourselves on our rigorous hiring practices to ensure that we provide our clients with superior professionals. If you are interested in joining our team make sure you review our minnium standards before applying. 

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Must posses at least one of the following:

Graduate of a Certified Public Safety Academy (military or civilian) in the law enforcement, adult corrections or firefighter field.

A minimum of 4 or more years of active service in any military branch.

A minimum of 4 years or more years of law enforcement experience.

Some college (30 credits) or higher with 2 years of prior active military services.

Security Guard positions

Minimum Requirements for Non-commissioned, Commissioned, and Personal Protection Officer Positions

Must be a U.S. Citizen or a foreign citizen authorized to legally work in the United States

Ability to work a flexible schedule and to work evenings, weekend and holidays as requested.

Must be able to pass a drug test with negative result (except when undergoing documented medical treatment).

Must submit to an extensive background check, including criminal history, personal references, employment and education verification, Department of Motor Vehicle and credit check.

Must be able to provide, upon job offer, a DD214 discharge document with discharge status indicated, if prior military.

Law Enforcement Officers

Benefits of Working with USD Solutions

  • Manage all your off-duty jobs throughout the year.
  • Get paid efficiently – not weeks after the job is done.
  • Receive email notifications as jobs become available.
  • Easily find replacement if/when you can’t fill your shift.
  • Automated reminders.
  • Build up credibility status by establishing great working relationships with other businesses.
  • Generate new leads instantly when new jobs come available.

What Qualifies As A Full-time Officer for USD Solutions

USD Solutions defines a full-time peace officer as a person who is duly sworn with a law enforcement agency, with full arrest powers and authority within the jurisdiction in which they serve AND works at least 32 paid hours a week while receiving benefits. Full-time “non-paid” officers do not meet our definition of “Full-time” peace officer and are not eligible for USD Solutions’ off duty peace officer services.  If you do not meet these requirements, please consider applying to be a Level 3 Commissioned Security Officer with USD Solutions.


Must Meet the Following Requirements

  • Be a full-time Peace Officer
  • Posses an active and valid TCOLE license
  • Have at least 2 years of full-time law enforcement experience or 3 years of active duty military service
  • Authorization by your agency to work off-duty