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Security Guard Services

USD Solutions provides highly trained military veterans and citizen patriots to ensure that our customers, and those that they are responsible for, have the best personnel to oversee their safety needs. USD Solutions has built on our officer’s past qualifications with tactical medicine, active shooter response (Armed), and expose our Officer to reality based training.

All USD Solutions officers undergo extensive escalation of force training comparable to that of the Department of Defense and those that govern law enforcement agencies.

Our services include uniformed armed officers, plain-clothed armed officers (Bodyguards), and have access to vetted Texas peace officers. 

All our officers are trained in Active Shooter Response, Tactical Medicine and operations by certified Texas Police Officers, DoD, DHS, and PSB trainers. Our staff are also CPR/First Aid/ AED trained.

Law Enforcement Officers

Texas peace officers are a great option for companies to add an extra layer of protection to their events or offices. However, scheduling and billing can pose some challenges for companies.

USD Solutions is proud to help our clients by serving as a single point of contact for all these needs. So let us handle coordinating when, where, and how many officers you need. We will ensure continuity of coverage so you do not have to worry if there are any last minute changes. With USD Solutions there is no need for you to track the individual officers for payment or tax purposes. All payments are handled between you and USD Solutions, so let us take care of the rest. 

Areas that police can help with include: standing post, patrol services, executive protection, traffic control, workplace support or special events.

Consulting Service/
Threat Monitoring

Every location has it’s own strengths and weakness and with the help of our security consultants we are able to ensure that you and your staff are better protected in the event of a hostile event or natural disasters. This is achieved with the combination of specialized training and applying FBI and DoD safety practices to build a tailored site survey with practical recommendations. 

USD Solutions offers threat monitoring over open source media and commercial databases to help asses public opinion of our clients. This also helps to determine if there are any known active hostile individuals or organizations that may put our clients and their interests at risk. 

Training Services

USD Solutions and our partners offer relevant and proven safety training to help our clients protect themselves. Courses we offer include Active Shooter Response Training, Tactical Medicine, Situational Awareness Training, and CPR/First Aid and AED courses.

USD Solutions offers corporate rates for companies looking to training current and new staff.

Need Active Shooter Response Training?

Learn more about why you should develop an active shooter response plan.

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